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Main School Office

The Main School Office is open from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. during term-time, call 01948 860571 or email

Medical Needs (Access to education for students with medical needs)

If your child is unable to come into School due to illness (short or long-term), or injury, but is able to work from home, please contact the child’s Year Leader and work will be requested from the appropriate teachers and sent home for completion. For further details, a copy of the School’s “Access to Education for Students with Medical Needs Policy” is available online at as a read-only copy, in the School Library or as a printed copy which is available from the Clerk to the Governors, Miss J Ashley,

Mobile Phones

Students must switch off their phones during lesson times and must not use them inside the School buildings, including sending text messages.  However, they may be used outside the School buildings during break and lunch times or in the canteen.  If a student is found using a mobile phone inside the School, the phone will be confiscated and taken to Main School Office for collection at the end of the School day at 3.30 p.m.  If a mobile phone is confiscated for a second time, it will not be available for collection until the end of that week.   If students do not have a mobile phone and have a genuine reason for wanting to contact home, they should go to Student Services and ask permission to use the School telephone.

Music for Life

Music for Life works with a network of 100 specialist instrumental teachers and arranges specialist peripatetic instrumental tuition to be provided in schools, monitoring teaching quality and offering students access to motivational workshops, ensembles and concert opportunities. A great number of the students at the Heber take advantage of the lessons provided by Music For Life. Should you be interested in booking lessons for your child visit where you will find much more information, alternatively email

Music Players (MP3/MP4/i-Pod or similar/equivalent)

As with all things of value, we strongly discourage students from bringing music players into School, but guidance on their use is the same as for mobile phones. They must only be used OUTSIDE of the School buildings with personal earphones, but should be out of sight (including earphones), and switched off when students are inside any School building. If students fail to adhere to this, the same confiscation arrangements for mobile phones will apply.