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School Aims and Visions

Our vision is a School in which Respect, Opportunity and Achievement can flourish. We recognise the differences, values and beliefs of each individual yet acknowledge the responsibility that we all have to treat everyone with respect and courtesy, so we all feel happy and safe in our School. Bishop Heber forms the heart of the wider community, providing all its members with a central resource to enhance the quality of opportunity: a world-renowned international, innovative place to learn and grow into active, global citizens. The School enjoys a positive, well-ordered and stimulating environment, promoting and celebrating achievement in academic study, sport, performance, creative art and community work. We provide high quality and exciting teaching with support and challenge appropriate to the needs of every individual to encourage learning as a lifelong activity.

Absence - Foreseen (see also Attendance and Holidays)

The Governors expect that medical and/or dental appointments are made outside of the normal school day. However, we do recognise that this may not be possible and parents are asked to report the absence in advance either:-

  1. Register the absence on INSIGHT
    Log in – Attendance – Report Absence
  2. Email
  3. Call the absence line on 01948 860571 option 2

In all cases, medical evidence in the form of appointment letter/s or card/s is required to record on the student’s file.
Before the student leaves the School site or when returning from an appointment, they must sign in/out at Student Services.

Absence – Unforeseen (see also Attendance)

On every day of unplanned absence parents / carers are required to report the absence, clearly giving the students name, year, Tutor Group and the reason for absence before 8.30 a.m. via either:

  1. Register the absence on INSIGHT          Log in – Attendance – Report Absence
  2. Email
  3. Call the absence line on 01948 860571 option 2

Unreported absences will be followed up by text message requesting a reason for absence. Any absences not reported will be recorded as unauthorised.

Activity Week

Each Academic Year, usually during the first week in July, the whole of the Year 7 – 9 school timetable is suspended for Activity Week. All of Year 7 go to the Conway Centre at Menai for a five-day cross-curricular and team-building residential week. This is an extremely important part of the Year 7 life – often being away from home, sleeping in dormitories and an opportunity to face personal challenges in a “fun” and safe environment. In addition, Years 8-10 have the opportunity to participate in other residential trips, which are run on a carousel bases e.g.; The Battlefields History trip; Watersports Experience in France. Lower Sixth are on their one-week Work Experience. Year 11 and the Upper Sixth have completed their examinations and are not in School. The rest of the students are occupied in curriculum-based projects.


If you are seeking a place for your child in at Bishop Heber High School, please contact the Headteacher’s P.A. on 01948 571 or email who will be able to advise you on procedures for applying to the School, or to arrange a date and time to tour the School with the Headteacher if there are places available.

Advice - External / Outside Agencies

Advisory Centre for Education (ACE) – Independent, practical and legal advice on schooling issues

Cheshire’s Family Information Service (FIS) – supports parents, prospective parents, carers, professionals and children and young people living in Cheshire to enable them to become more informed consumers of services that are available to them

Air Training Corps (ATC) - 617 (Heber) Squadron

The Air Training Corps are a UK-wide cadet force with more than 40,000 members aged between 13 and 20. Cadet life is about learning through practical experience, especially in the great outdoors. The Air Cadets is a fantastic organisation with a wide range of different opportunities that caters for many different interests and hobbies. 617 (Heber) Squadron is located on the Bishop Heber School Grounds, parade nights are Tuesdays and Thursdays 7.00 p.m. to 9.30 p.m. For more information call OC Sgt Gina Aldous 617 (Heber) Sqn ATC Officer Commanding via or visit the website for further information.


By law, all children of a compulsory school age must receive a suitable, full-time education, and, as parents, it is your responsibility to ensure that this happens. Your child’s attendance at School is recorded at 9am each morning and again at 3.20pm at the end of the School day. This information is used for a variety of reasons such as Fire Safety; Truancy; Government; Local Authority and internal school reports. We expect 100% attendance and therefore reward students for excellent attendance. Students falling below our threshold will be subject to close monitoring by Tutor, Year Lead and the Education Welfare Officer possibly leading to interventions and the engagements of the Local Authority for continuing poor attendance. A complete copy of your child’s attendance will be sent with each report and we ask you to use the slips attached to the document in order to update any errors.

Late arrival

Students are considered being late to school if arriving after 9 a.m. or to Tutor after 3.20 p.m. without having attended an appointment. Students are required to sign in at Student Services. They will be registered as ‘Late’ on the register and a text message will be sent home to parents and carers advising of late arrival. Students arriving at 9.30 a.m. will be recorded as U, arriving after registers have closed, which is an unauthorised absence mark. Accumulation of late arrivals will result in school led sanctions and interventions.

A full copy of the Attendance Policy is available at or from the Clerk to the Governors, Miss J Ashley,