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Behaviour and Discipline Policy (including Drugs Policy)


Behaviour and Discipline Policy (including Drugs Policy)

Rewards and Sanctions Context: Guiding Principles

The Bishop Heber High School Behaviour & Discipline Policy is rooted in our vision of a School in which respect, opportunity and achievement can flourish.

Bishop Heber High School endeavours to provide a safe and caring environment in which we ensure that all students have opportunities that are challenging and rewarding both within the classroom and beyond. Our School motto ‘prêt d’accomplir’, reflects our determination to meet the needs of all students through individual support and out of hours learning opportunities.

We challenge students to be the best they can be and will never compromise on our high standards. We believe that good behaviour is essential to support high quality learning and teaching. Parents and our wider community have expectations that schools will teach good behaviour and instil strong discipline. Our learning is based upon trust and respect which define our relationships within the School.