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Parents Evenings

These sessions present an excellent opportunity to find out how your child is progressing at Heber. Letters are sent home informing parents of the event and parents are asked to make appointments online to meet with respective teachers. We do strongly recommend that you bring your child with you, and, in fact, subject teachers will be keen to involve your child in the discussion about the subject. If you are unable to attend and would like to meet with one of their teachers, then please contact the school and make an appointment (see STEPs).

Pars Behavioural System (Rewards and Consequences - Sleuth)

Bishop Heber High School operates both a Positive (Pink) and Negative (Yellow) SLEUTH system. Students can be rewarded with a Pink SLEUTH for a wide variety of reasons such as: well-behaved; helpful during a lesson; good homework; polite and courteous etc., and on the consequence side, they will be given a Yellow SLEUTH for being late to lessons, failure to complete homework, disrupting the learning of others etc. All SLEUTHS are entered onto the computer system and students are rewarded based on the number of Pink SLEUTHS they receive in a term. Accumulative details of both Positive and Negative SLEUTHS are shared with the students/families through the School Reports.

P.E. Kit

Girls (Compulsory Items)
Red/Navy Polo Shirt (+ School Badge)
Navy Shorts / Skorts
White Ankle Socks
Red Hockey Games Socks
Sports Trainers – non-marking soles
(Optional but Recommended Items)
Navy Sports Trousers
Navy/Red Sweatshirt (+ School Badge)
Shin Guards for Hockey
(Team Players Only)
Navy Skort
Astro Boots (Hockey Matches)
Mouth Guard for Hockey
Shin Pads

Boys (Compulsory Items)
Navy/Yellow Polo Shirt (+ School Badge)
Navy Shorts
White Ankle Socks
Reversible Rugby Shirt (+ School Badge)
Navy and Yellow Rugby / Football Socks
Sports Trainers – non-marking soles
Rugby / Football Boots
(Optional but Recommended Items)
Navy Sports Trousers
Mouth Guard for Rugby
Athletic / Basketball Vest
Shin Pads

Personal Property

Bishop Heber High School cannot accept responsibility for the personal property of any student which is left unattended or left on the School premises at any time. We strongly urge parents to discourage their children from bringing anything of value e.g. MP3 Players, i-Pods etc. into School and in particular, large amounts of cash. However, if there is a legitimate reason why cash has been brought into School, students may deposit it at Student Services until the end of the school day.