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Behaviour and Discipline

Bishop Heber High School enjoys a reputation for ‘excellent discipline’. The rationale behind our ‘Behaviour and Discipline Policy’ is that:

  • Learning and Teaching is the raison d’être of our School and effective teaching and learning can only happen in a disciplined environment
  • We aim to encourage an open and questioning educational ethos; this does not conflict with the need for order and respect for authority
  • In preparing young people for adult life, we need to help them to understand the role of the self-disciplined individual within an ordered society
  • The performance of the high School in this respect will have a big impact on the culture, expectations and quality of life of the whole community

A copy of the full Policy is available online at as a read-only copy in the School Library or as a printed from the Clerk to the Governors, Miss J Ashley,

Bike Racks

Students are encouraged to use bicycles to travel to School, when safe and practical to do so, and the bike rack is located to the right-hand side of the Main School Hall. However, it must be noted that the School cannot take responsibility for or accept liability for any vehicles or bicycles left on the premises.

Bishop Heber - Who was he?

Reginald Heber was born in Malpas on 21st April 1783. His father was Rector of Malpas and Hodnet, in Shropshire, and his early life in Malpas was steeped in religion. A recent biography of Bishop Heber written by Derrick Hughes described a man of devout faith, strong personality and great humanity. He was educated at Brasenose College, Oxford, and later elected as a Fellow of All Souls College. He travelled widely in Europe before accepting the family living as rector of Hodnet in Shropshire. In 1822 he was appointed to be the second Bishop of Calcutta and he departed England for the last time. Once in India he was tireless in despatching his duties to his enormous diocese. He journeyed to parts of the continent unknown to other colonials and acquainted himself with the Indian people and their culture. When he died in 1826 it was essentially from overwork. His biographer portrays him as a man ahead of his time – full of vision, integrity and compassion. As a School we can be proud of the example set by Bishop Heber. In his final sermon to his parishioners in England he exclaimed: “According to the gospels there are only two kinds of human beings; those we love and those we ought to love”.


Bishop Heber High School is totally committed to raising student awareness about the issue of bullying through regular Assemblies, Theme for the Week and PSHCE. As stated in our Anti-Bullying Policy……”bullying is seen as physical or verbal abuse to another, which takes place on a number of occasions. It may involve bullying from one person or a few. In some instances an individual may target these behaviours at no particular individual, but randomly seek to promote their own status through anti-social acts”….. Students are actively encouraged to come forward and speak to a member of staff if they are being bullied so that the issue can be dealt with fairly, firmly and quickly. This could be their Form Tutor, Year Leader, Student Services or someone from the Main School Office. As the winning logo in our Anti-Bullying T-Shirt Design Competition states “DON’T JUST STAND THERE……TELL SOMEONE!”

Bus Routes (from September 2019)

BHHS Bus Number CWAC Contract Number Operator Route Bus Bay
2 61173 ME Huxley, Tattenhall, Gateshead 3
3 School Private Hire ME Acton 5
4 61125 ME Burwardsley, Newton, Tattenhall (High Street &
Mitchell’s Wine Bar)
Layby outside school
5 School Private Hire ME Gresford & Marford 9
1 61177 HD Handley, Aldersey Green, Coddington 7
6 School Private Hire ME Rossett 1
7 61176 ME Aldford, Churton, Farndon, Clutton 4
8 61175 ME Farndon, BHHS 8
9 ME26 ME Threapwood, Shocklach, Tilston, BHHS 2
10 School Private Hire ME Holt 6
11 61126 Kingsdown Larkton, Egerton, A49 Bickley, Grindley Brook,
Layby outside school
12 71125 Happy days Bunbury, Bulkeley, Bickerton, Brown Knowl Layby outside school
13 61155 KT Nomansheath, Agden, BHHS, Malpas Alport
Primary School, Whitchurch, Bronington
Layby outside school
14 Private Hire HD Whitchurch, Bronington Layby outside school
41/41A Aintree Coaches A 41/41A Chester, Malpas, Whitchurch Layby outside school
71083 KT Wirswall, Norbury, Bickley, Wrenbury, Marbury Layby outside school
61180 A CARS Chorlton Lane Layby outside school

**Please note we have been informaed by CWaC Transport Department that the contracts for the above buses are currently out to tender for Summer 2019 and therefore are subject to change.

A CARS             0300 123 7039
County Transport             0300 123 7039
Happy Days         (HD)   01948 780 269
Aintree Coaches         (A)   0151 526 7405
Kingsdown Travel         (KT)   01948 820 111
Merediths         (ME)   01948 860 405

(Operators are subject to change)
For further information please contact the Resources Manager at the School on 01948 860571 or email: