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These are not allowed in school at any time.

Holiday Requests

We like to acknowledge the high levels of support that we get from the overwhelming majority of families in ensuring that their child attends School regularly. However, the School will issue Fixed Penalty Notice’s (FPN – fines) to families again this academic year if unauthorised absence is an issue. I would like to make it clear (please see STEPs packs for details) that if any student has attendance that is less than 97% then any application for a leave of absence will automatically be declined, unless in exceptional circumstances. From September 2017 the Government, following a Supreme High Court ruling, is introducing revised attendance regulations; Head Teachers are no longer able to authorise Holiday requests unless there are exceptional mitigating circumstances. Requests will only be accepted using the Leave of Absence Request application form downloadable from the School website returned to the four weeks in advance. If, your request is declined and you subsequently take the holiday, the School, in conjunction with the Local Authority will issue a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN – fines).
Requests for absences, which are not holiday related but required to attend events such as sporting competitions, must be made in advance using the Leave of Absence Request application accompanied by supporting information and organisation contact details. Again, this must be made in advance, and submitted via the


At Bishop Heber we believe that the practice of setting homework is a very important part of the School curriculum. Learning takes place both inside and outside the classroom. To support students, homework will be planned, differentiated, meaningful, clear and set regularly. Government guidelines are that students in Year 7 should receive 45-90 minutes of Homework per day. In Years 8 and 9 it should be 1-2 hours per day and in KS4, between 1½ and 2½ hours per day. In the Sixth Form the amount of work completed by students outside lessons will, of course, depend on their individual timetables but will be at least two hours a day. Whilst it is clearly the students’ responsibility to write homework in their Student Planners, Tutors will be able to support and monitor the setting and completion of homework in Afternoon Registration. Homework must be set according to the Homework Timetables and these will be published within the first two weeks of the start of the new Academic Year and available on the School website. We firmly believe that homework helps students to develop good organisational skills, giving them practice in study and research techniques and encouraging their development as independent learners. We are conscious that many of the staff recommend the use of the Internet as a research tool, but some families do not have access to computers at home. We do ask students to tell their teacher if this is the case, but remind students that computers are available for use during morning and afternoon break and during the lunchtime. Further information is available in our Learning and Teaching Policy on

Honours Boards

Situated around the School are a number of Honours Boards celebrating achievements of our students, past and present. For example, Head Boy and Head Girl, Oxford and Cambridge graduates, school sporting achievements etc. However, we are aware that many students are involved in a wide range of activities outside the schools remit such as Horse-Riding, Gymnastics, Tae Kwando, community involvement etc., and we feel it is important to recognise these achievements. Students tend to be modest in informing the School that they have succeeded in a particular area, so we address this plea to parents … please let us know what your child is doing so we can share in the celebration. Any press releases, photographs etc. can be sent direct to the Headteacher, and even if it doesn’t make it onto an Honours Board, we would like to share their success with others through the School Newsletter which is sent out via E-Mail and/or Twitter (@BishopHeberHS) each Half-term.