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Data Protection Act 2003

A copy of the school’s Data Protection Act 2003 Policy is available online at as a read-only copy in the School Library or as a printed copy which is available from the Clerk to the Governors, Miss J Ashley,

Design And Technology (Aprons)

Students require an Apron for their Food and Nutrition lessons .
Any ingredients they require will be posted on INSIGHT with the homework.


Bishop Heber High School operates two types of Detention:

  1. Subject Area (teacher) Detention (breaks/lunchtimes); and
  2. Whole-School Detention (after school 3.30 – 4.30 p.m.)

If the student fails to turn up to the Subject Area (teacher) break or lunchtime detention, they may be placed on WholeSchool Detention which takes place on Tuesday and Thursday between 3:30 and 4:30p.m. in Room Gg4. Parents will be informed in writing if their child has been placed in Detention and, in the case of Whole-School Detention, to ensure that arrangements can be made to collect them from School at 4:30p.m.


Bishop Heber High School traditionally holds discos during the course of the year.  The Discos are held in the Main School Hall (MSH) between 7 and 10 p.m. and tickets are sold in the Finance Office during the week prior to the event.  Parents are responsible for dropping off and collecting the students inside the School gates.  Parents must ensure that students are clear about the arrangements for collection as students WILL NOT be allowed to go outside the School gates under ANY circumstances.

Drugs Policy

Bishop Heber High School believes that the possession and use of drugs in School or during the school day is wholly unacceptable. No drugs (unless they are prescribed medicines, when school procedures should be followed) are permitted to be bought, sold, brought, left or otherwise obtained during the school day, including when students are on School trips and visits. Within the Drugs Policy, which is available online at as a read-only copy in the School Library or as a printed copy which is available from the Clerk to the Governors, Miss J Ashley, , it clearly states that the School will:

  • View as wholly unacceptable the possession (as defined in our Drugs Policy), use or handling of drugs including alcohol by members of the school community or the illegal supply (as defined in our Drugs Policy) of these substances.
  • Will impose severe sanctions on anyone who contravenes this.   

This will include permanent exclusion for the first offence.

  • All staff will be made aware and be updated on drugs procedures through our Drugs Policy and the School will take appropriate action to prevent drugs from being brought into School.

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award

Bishop Heber High School is a Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Centre. The DofE programme is a real adventure from beginning to end. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from. You just need to be aged between 14 and 24 and realise there’s more to life than sitting on a sofa watching life pass you by. You can do programmes at three levels, BRONZE, SILVER or GOLD, which lead to a Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. You achieve an Award by completing a personal programme of activities in four sections (five if you’re going for Gold). You’ll find yourself helping people or the community, getting fitter, developing skills, going on an expedition and taking part in a residential activity (Gold only). But here’s the best bit – you get to choose what you do! At Bishop Heber the award is open to 100 students from Year 9 we currently have over 350 participants. Year 9 students start on the Bronze award. We also offer Gold Awards as a follow on in Year 11+ or as direct entry participants. For any queries regarding the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award please email Mr K Roberts,