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GCE Results 2018


GCE Results 2018

The students and staff at Bishop Heber High School are celebrating another set of consistently excellent results with a record 29% of all grades awarded being either an A* or A. Furthermore, 56% of all A-level grades were grade B or higher and 79% of grades achieved were A*-C, demonstrating once again that Bishop Heber is one of the leading comprehensive Sixth Forms in Cheshire. Many students will now be taking up their places at universities across the country or in apprenticeship schemes, whilst others will be entering employment or taking gap years abroad. Performance across all subjects was impressive, but of particular note are Art, Chemistry, English Literature, German, Maths, Further Maths and Media Studies where over 77% of all grades achieved were A*-B.

The performance of the following students is particularly noteworthy. Head Girl, Alice Causer (Tattenhall) achieved outstanding results of two A* grades and one A grade securing her place to study Dental Surgery at Liverpool. Harry Benson (Farndon) will be studying Mathematics at Bath after also securing two A* grades and one A grade. Also achieving two A* grades and one A grade was Lydia Harthill (Malpas) who will be going on to study Food Science and Nutrition at Nottingham. Also gaining two A* grades and one A grade were Lucy London (Malpas) who has successfully gained a place studying Medicine at Liverpool, Nathan Stubbings (Broxton) who is going on to read Mathematics at Warwick and Edward Weston (Malpas) who has successfully gained a place studying International Business at Loughborough.

Three students achieved outstanding results in four subjects, each gaining one A* grade and three A grades. These students were Bassel Abul-Magd (Marford) who has secured a place to study Chemical Engineering at Birmingham, Hannah Jones (Malpas) who will be studying Engineering Design at Bristol and Helena Heaton (Worthenbury) who will be reading History of Art at Cambridge.

Two students achieved an A* and two A grades at A-level. Deputy Head Boy Jacob Bellamy (Gresford) will be going on to study Law at Leeds, while Philippa Lane (Whitchurch) will be reading Liberal Arts and Sciences at Birmingham. Alice Strachan (Malpas) achieved an A* and an A grade alongside a Distinction and is looking into exploring further opportunities for studying abroad.

Georgia Lyon (Worthenbury) successfully gained two A* grades and a B grade which has enabled her to study Criminology at Nottingham. Four more students also achieved the difficult A* standard in one of their subjects with Tom Chatfield (Gresford) going on to study Psychology at Birmingham, Aaron Christiansen (Clutton) will be taking up his place at York studying Computer Science, Charlotte Dunne (Nantwich) will be reading History of Art at Birmingham while William Weaver (Malpas) will be studying Graphic and Communication Design at Leeds. Lowri Allman (Coedpoeth) successfully achieved an A*, A and two B grades and is going on to study Civil and Environmental Engineering at Leeds.

Other impressive results were achieved by Rachel Milburn (Churton) gaining A*, B and a Distinction* enabling her to take up a place at Physical Education and School Sport studying Edge Hill, while both Luke Medinger (Bronwylfa) and Head Boy James Williamson (Malpas) both gained 3 A grades and will be going on to study Biological Sciences at Leeds and Veterinary Medicine and Science at Surrey respectively. Carys Shaw (Holt) gained two A grades and a Distinction and is looking to pursue a career in interior design, studying at the National Design Academy.

Furthermore, a large number of students gained AAB grades. Finlay Berry-Smith (Clutton) will study Journalism at Salford, Grace Boughton (Whitchurch) will be studying Nursing at Leeds, Elizabeth Edwards (Farndon) has secured a place at studying Economics at Cardiff while Harry Elcock (Rossett) will also be reading Economics at Newcastle. Also gaining AAB were Ciaran Gatenby (Marford) who will be taking up his place at Engineering Mathematics at Bristol, Isabella Gregory (Clutton) will be studying Chemistry at Leeds, Thomas Lister (Farndon) has achieved a place studying Economics at Birmingham and Ellie Weaver (Whitchurch) will be going on to study Pharmaceutical Sciences at Nottingham. Jessica Cotton (Malpas) gained an A, Distinction and a B which secured her place at Southampton to study Fashion Marketing with Management while Jonty Torr (Whitchurch) successfully gained an Distinction* Distinction alongside a B guaranteeing him a place at Oxford Brookes to study Real Estate Management.

The Headteacher, David Curry was delighted and commented: “With all the recent changes in A-levels we are especially thrilled with the outstanding success of our students today. We are extremely pleased that so many of our students achieved their expected places at a wide range of Universities. Students have once again secured places at top/prestigious universities such as Cambridge, Bath, Birmingham, Bristol, Durham, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham, Sheffield, Leeds, Liverpool, York and Warwick, amongst others. These achievements demonstrate yet again that the School continues to provide high quality education to students across Cheshire and the wider area, and more importantly, that students feel challenged and supported to achieve their very best. Bishop Heber High School is an established centre of excellence for A-level and these results again demonstrate the outstanding efforts of both the students and staff. Finally, I am sure that the students would also wish me to acknowledge the hard work and commitment of the teaching and support staff at Heber who work tirelessly to help students achieve the best results they can.”

“I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of all my colleagues and Governors at Heber to wish all ‘Leavers’ our best wishes for the future – please keep in touch.”

The Director of Sixth Form, Simon Woodward said that he was extremely proud of the effort our students have made during their time in the Sixth Form. “The success of our students is testament to their hard work and dedication. It is undoubtedly a product of the excellent working relationships between staff and students, alongside the tenacity and resilience our students have shown in their pursuit of their chosen next steps. We wish all our students continued success with every endeavour in the future.”

GCE (A-level) Results 2018

Subject Entries % A*- A % A*- B % A*- E
Art & Design 16 75 94 100
Biology 31 29 45 97
Chemistry 17 71 82 100
Computer Science 7 29 43 100
Design & Technology Product Design 13 13 50 100
Economics 33 27 45 94
English Language 9 0 21 100
English Literature 12 44 100 100
Extended Project Qualification 19 11 47 100
French 2 50 50 100
General Studies 32 19 59 100
Geography 26 23 46 89
German 2 50 100 100
Government & Politics 17 12 29 94
History 29 21 52 100
Mathematics 38 53 79 100
Mathematics Further 4 100 100 100
Media Studies 26 31 77 100
Philosophy 8 0 50 88
Physics 19 16 58 95
Physical Education 11 27 45 100
Psychology 33 6 27 94
Sociology 14 14 57 100