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Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Policy inc. Young Carers


Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Policy inc. Young Carers


This School values the abilities and achievements of all its students. We are committed to discovering and providing the best learning conditions for each student, promoting development in understanding and social maturity alongside their peers wherever possible.

All students have the same entitlement to the full range of the School curriculum, and we are committed to making this accessible to all our students through differentiation and varied teaching styles, according to their individual needs.

The underlying principle which informs the School’s Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Policy is that of inclusion: that all students are valued for what they bring to the School and are entitled to take part in all that the School offers, in the most appropriate ways possible and given the resources available. The School has a well-resourced Inclusion Resource Provision (IRP) that offers a range of support for students.

Support which is deemed necessary over and above what can be provided directly by subject teachers, will be available to students within or outside of the classroom during some of normal lesson or liberty time (e.g. lunch time).

To achieve the above, we will involve parents or carers, students, external agencies where appropriate, in discussions and plan appropriate action and support with them, whether for the short, medium or long term.


  • We regard every student as an individual
  • All members of the School community are valued in the support of students with individual needs
  • Our ethos and principles resonate that of inclusion and support
  • As far as possible students are supported within mainstream lessons, using withdrawal from lessons for additional help when required
  • Individual Needs are, where possible, identified and addressed
  • All teachers are teachers of students with additional needs and receive continuing professional development (CPD) and support to achieve these principles


  • Students for whom additional and different adjustments and/or support are required including those with cognition and learning difficulties, social, emotional, or mental health difficulties, sensory or physical needs, communication and interaction needs. These difficulties can affect any student within any ability profile
  • Students who require additional and different support due to environmental factors such as social care needs or Pupil Premium (DfE terms Disadvantaged) or Bursary for Sixth Form
  • Students with medical conditions that impact on attainment through issues such as persistent absence
  • Whilst not all students with special educational needs or disabilities will be placed on the SEND Register (in line with SEND Code of Practice 2014 (updated 2015) and Children and Families Act 2014), the School will continually monitor and review this based upon need and level of additionality required. All students with special educational needs and disabilities are monitored at key tracking points in the academic year.


  • In adherence with the SEN Code of Practice 2014 (updated 2017) for England
  • Effective transition from primary school to Bishop Heber High School, including an excellent working relationship with our partner primary schools
  • A clear and transparent internal referral system giving all teaching staff the opportunity to raise concerns about an individual child, through the students’ Year Leader and ultimately the School’s Educational Needs Co-ordinator (ENCo)
  • The ENCo meets fortnightly with the Year Leader and there are half termly inclusion meetings, where students can be discussed at multi-agency level.
  • A robust tracking system incorporating specialist assessments; in-class data tracking; reviews
  • Staff CPD in specialist areas of need e.g. Dyslexia, Hearing Impairment
  • Specialist interventions and programmes to address needs that cannot be met solely in the classroom
  • Subject Area led interventions and catch up sessions


The support of students with Individual Needs is a responsibility of all staff and other concerned adults. Further clarification and information can be obtained from Subject Leaders, Pastoral Leaders and ENCo.