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Fair Assessment and BTEC Assessment


Fair Assessment and BTEC Assessment

Internal moderation is a key process carried out throughout the delivery of a qualification to ensure that assessment methods are consistent across all teachers/ assessors and that the outcomes are fair to all learners.

The aim of this policy is to ensure that:

  • internal moderation practices are valid and reliable, cover all tutors/ assessors and meet the requirements of the awarding organisation
  • the internal moderation procedures are fair and open
  • accurate and detailed records are kept of internal moderation decisions

As a centre we will:

  • ensure that all assessment activities are valid, appropriate and fit for purpose
  • apply a strategy that will provide a representative sample of results from all teachers/ assessors
  • create a plan of internal moderation in relation to assessment and activities and keep detailed records of these activities
  • define, maintain and support effective internal moderation roles, including the provision of training where required
  • provide standardised or specialised documentation where appropriate to support internal moderation and record keeping
  • ensure that feedback and outcomes of internal and external moderation support future development of good practice
  • carry out an annual review of internal moderation procedures
  • ensure that whenever staff assess students’ work for external qualification this is done fairly, consistently and inaccordance with the specification for the qualification concerned
  • ensure that students are aware of the procedures available should they wish to appeal against an assessment decision