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Sixth Form Course Guide


Sixth Form Course Guide

The courses outlined in this booklet are expected to run next year within the Sixth Form options structure. The final offer will be based upon students’ choices on their application form. The content of each course and the structure is provisional and may be subject to change in response to demand for course combinations, or in light of national changes to A-level courses.

Please note that our ability to run any given course in the booklet depends, to some extent, on demand for that particular course. A final option block structure and further information for 2018-19 will be finalised by the end of January 2018 and you will then be asked to confirm your option choices. It is therefore vital that you submit your application form as soon as possible if you wish to influence this process.

Our deadline for applications is Tuesday 9th January 2018. Late applications will be considered within the finalised curriculum offer for 2018-2019. Think carefully when choosing your courses, it may make a real difference to the subject combinations we can offer you next year.