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Covid-19 Information & Letters


Covid-19 Information & Letters


Updated advice for pupils with Coronavirus symptoms –

Please see the below links for details on self-isolation if you have coronavirus symptoms or a positive Lateral Flow Device Test result.

Please Note – The guidance is different dependant on if you are a resident in England or Wales.

If you are a resident in England –

If you have symptoms and a high temperature and feel too unwell to attend then self isolate until you feel well enough and have no temperature.

If you test positive on a Lateral Flow Device (LFD) Test and you are under the age of 18 you must self-isolate for three days following the test result. If you feel well enough after this (and do not have a high temperature) then you may return to your education setting.

If you test positive on a Lateral Flow Test and are 18 years or over the self-isolation period is five days.

What to do if you have coronavirus (COVID-19) or symptoms of COVID-19 – NHS (

If you are a resident in Wales –

If you have any of the main symptoms of covid you must take a LFD Test. If the result is negative you may then return to your education setting. If the result is positive then you must self-isolate for five days following the test result (or the onset of one of the main symptoms if this is earlier) and return a negative test on day five and six before ending your self-isolation.

Self-isolation: guidance for people with COVID-19 and their contacts | GOV.WALES

Covid-19 Risk Assessments

Covid-19 Behaviour Code

Mental Health & Safeguarding

Click here for information on children’s mental health, internet safey and safeguarding during the Coronavirus Crisis.

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